The 2021 Asian American Telecom Report

The 2021 Asian American Telecom Report

Posted on June 6th 2021, 5:48:18 pm

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The 2021 Asian American Telecom Report



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Claritas’ 2021 Asian American Telecom Report seeks to identify the strategic opportunities that telecom organizations should consider in the coming year, as it pertains to the US Asian market.
The goal of this report is to equip US telecom organizations with the information needed to both recover from the COVID-19 crisis and to position themselves for a strong resilient future. Report findings include:

  • Primary internet provider for Asian households
  • Top reasons Asian households switched to their current internet provider and who they switched from
  • Asian American mobile plan preferences and switching behaviors
  • Asian American streaming behaviors and devices used to download/stream content
  • And more…

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