Retail Dive: Rebag Launches Brick-and-Mortar Store in Connecticut

Retail Dive: Rebag Launches Brick-and-Mortar Store in Connecticut

Posted on September 5th 2021, 6:33:22 am

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After the opening of their 1,800 square feet store in New York City, Rebag launched another brick-and-mortar store in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

The brick-and-mortar store features over 20,000 items ranging from bags to fine jewellery. The new Rebag store will also be introducing a “Clair Corner” – Clair self-servicing kiosk where customers can receive instant price quotes on the products they would like to resell on Rebag through Clair software. 

The resale industry saw a significant rise these years and Rebag is one of the most popular, targeting the luxury segment. According to Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebag, the store in Connecticut is the natural next step in the company’s market strategy: 

“Greenwich has always been a shopping destination for local communities in Connecticut and New York; and since COVID-19, it has become even more popular due to a vast amount of New York City residents moving to the area,” Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebag, said in an emailed statement. “Opening a physical location in Greenwich is a natural next step, and builds on our retail strategy of penetrating local markets where our customers dwell, while serving as a convenient drop off point for sellers.”

Apart from increasing the number of physical stores, Rebag also developed new digital merchants tools to evaluate the price of products across brands. With these initiatives, the resale market is expected to surge even better. A ThredUp report predicts that the resale market will increase to $77 billion over the next five years.