Leverage LGBTQ Research for Market Planning and Success

Leverage LGBTQ Research for Market Planning and Success

Posted on November 15th 2021, 12:28:03 pm

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Leverage LGBTQ Research for Market Planning and Success

The World Leader in LGBTQ Research since 1992.

Research is the foundation on which successful and productive LGBTQ initiatives are built!

Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) has provided LGBTQ research, market insights, strategies and training since 1992. Let us help you better understand your opportunities, grow your LGBTQ market share, and improve return on investment.

LGBTQ isn’t just a small part of CMI’s business; it’s the only work we do. And that matters!

CMI’s highly-specialized services are based on three decades of dedicated experience producing LGBTQ market intelligence for leading  corporate clients, nonprofits, government institutions and universities. Serving a variety of industries, we leverage our in-house proprietary panel of more than 50,000 LGBTQ community-representative consumers to produce survey studies, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Procurement: Community Marketing & Insights is an NGLCC Certified LGBT-Owned Business Enterprise.

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